The Perfect Christmas Gift! - Thoughtful and everlasting

Alex Bouwer

Year after year we spend a fortune on Christmas gifts that are often forgotten by January. 

A gorgeous piece of jewellery is forever! A thoughtful meaningful piece of jewellery is even more special and something to be treasured.

Gemstones are making a big come back, but more than that, they hold special meanings and if you choose to believe healing and metaphysical properties.

The meanings and attributes of different gems goes back thousands of years and the energies of gemstones have been built into their very structure through millions of years within the earth.

Everyone has a unique birthstone, zodiac stones or stones that hold special meanings for them and resonate with them.

We stock the very best quality gemstone jewellery from Amethyst to Zircon. Hundreds of classic designs set in rhodium plated silver. Our cut gems are bigger and better than what can be found in any jewellery store - a cheaper too! We can offer wholesale prices, so you get more bling for your buck! There is something for everyone and to fit every budget. Precious yet affordable.

So the ideal gift for the loves of your life is a piece of gemstone jewellery. Our circle of Life pendants are extra special and unique to Gecko Jewellers. 

Look our for our Christmas specials! Or come in and be amazed by what you can find.Black Tourmaline and Crystal Circle of Life Pendant

We also can design your dream engagement ring or custom gift. You tell us what you want, we will make it happen! 


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