New Year Gems - To help you keep your resolutions and promise to yourself

Alex Bouwer

Get a little extra help with your New Year Resolutions!
Unlock the staying power of your New Year resolutions with healing gem combinations to get you through those first, temptation-filled 40 days and beyond. Specialized gem and crystal combinations will cater to every goal on your New Year to-do list. Pick a healing gem that best aligns with your intention! Wear a piece of your desired stone for a constant reminder of your promise you yourself!

Amethyst Stone: wise decision making, achieving balance, breaking free from addictions & habits, furthering your spirituality
Aquamarine Stone: clearing your mind, enhancing meditation, bringing luck in love, releasing anger, making positive changes
Aventurine Stone: manifesting prosperity and wealth, bringing luck—especially in gambling, changing your job
Black Tourmaline: releasing all negative energy, protecting yourself from psychic attack
Carnelian Stone: strengthening motivation, increasing self confidence, increasing creativity, finding your personal power, weight loss and exercise
Citrine Stone: manifesting your dreams, acquiring prosperity, increasing positivity and joy
Clear Quartz Stone: magnifying intentions, clarifying the mind, amplifying your energy level, bringing focus
Fluorite Stone: clearing confusion in your mind, releasing all negativity, increasing concentration, wise decision making, expanding the mind
Garnet Stone: increasing energy level, becoming more grounded
Hematite Stone: connecting to the Earth, becoming more grounded and focused, releasing negative energy
Jade Stone: releasing self-limiting thoughts, attaining goals, filling your life with abundance, living from the heart
Labradorite Stone: bringing miracles, discovering your true self, uncovering your destiny, finding your life purpose
Malachite Stone: balancing your mind, bringing focus, overcoming ADD or ADHD, transforming your life, purifying your energy
Ocean Jasper Stone: increasing positive feelings, relieving stress and worry, living with happiness, lifting your spirits, becoming more optimistic
Onyx Stone: shielding your body and mind from negative energy, overcoming feelings of depression, reducing stress, calming your fears
Pyrite Stone: overcoming financial hardship, making wise financial decisions, achieving success, increasing your willpower and motivation
Red Jasper Stone: increasing motivation, speaking out, becoming more active, manifesting new ideas and projects for creative types
Rose Quartz Stone: opening your heart to love, finding love, loving yourself, attracting a harmonious long term relationship, healing from emotional wounds
Rutilated Quartz Stone: healing from a loss or death, connecting with your angels, increasing your willpower, starting over
Selenite Crystal: working on prayer or meditation, finding divine wisdom, healing
Smoky Quartz Stone: releasing fear and anger, overcoming negative emotions, letting go
Tiger’s Eye Stone: finding your personal power, strengthening your willpower and motivation to achieve goals, looking at the positives instead of the negatives, giving a creative boost

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